Sunday morning

     Life's been a long series of trying to find myself in many places, other people, things, experiences...

     Sitting in my father's a car, a funky 1990s white Toyota Corolla, I look out towards the sea and for once I see myself. I see myself in the wind tossed white caps, in the hairy boughs of the iron woods, in the avocado green of the algae rich river, in a rope swing waiting to be swung.

     I'm at my favorite beach from my childhood. I won't name it but you may know it. This beach is pretty far from any real town and is nowhere near any city. In this void of the material and in my remembering I can still feel my childhood heart ringing with peals of laughter and unabashed joy, small feet and body caught up in the power and energy of the water, still calling to me today from the now distant past, and beckoning me once more out into the storm tossed sea, where fresh mountain stream meets salty ocean water.